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Sabbara is a community organisation supporting Syrian Women refugees through economic empowerment, Education and Drama Therapy. Run by and for Syrian women. We work in Syria, Lebanon, London and Toronto,

Each unique piece is a contemporary take on the ancient Aleppan and Damascene textile tradition. Hand-embroidered by a woman displaced by violence who now has work, pride and her own independent income. 95% goes back to support more women.


Sabbara also provides safe spaces for women to come together and talk about issues affecting them. Five trained drama therapists and two pscyhologists work with the women on a weekly basis, applying techniques to help combat the effects of trauma and work towards longterm mental health. It’s also a rare forum in which Syrian women can discuss freely women rights and equality.

Despite the difficulties and the unbelievable pain that most people are going through in Syria, for women it is an opportunity for to increase their participation in parts of civil society, previously closed to them. This is a time where society has been forced to become more open to the presence of women in the workplace and there is a low level but increasing awareness of women’s rights and equality that we need to harness at this crucial time.