Art to empower Syrian Women

Giving my children an education..

Itab Azzam


I am 25 years old and come from Douma in the suburbs of Damascus. I have two little children Salim and Sima. Before the uprising I had spent 10 years building and decorating my home, but I only lived in it for five months before I was forced to flee - the shelling and air bombardment were too intense. I left with my husband and my children to a safer area with literally nothing. In the new place we struggled to earn our living and my children couldn't go to school. 

God sent us luck and I met the team from Sabbara, they taught me embroidery and gave me a job. Since I have started working with them I have managed to pay the rent, buy a carpet, blankets, fridge and most importantly send my kids to school.  I work as hard as possible and on days where my husband doesn't find work in construction he embroiders with me (I think he is loving it).  Working with Sabbara is the only way we could survive, but that is not all, it helps me to be creative, I love working with so many colours. It has boosted my confidence and my husband has new respect for me.