The Shukran Purse

The Shukran Purse


24x17cm 11x7inch

Hand stitched using high quality cotton thread. It comes with a dark blue leather handle. Metal Zip.

The design has been inspired by the Geometrical shapes found in old Damascene Houses

Sabbara is run by and for Syrian women. Each unique piece is a contemporary take on the ancient Aleppan and Damascene textile tradition. Hand-embroidered by a woman displaced by violence who now has work, pride and her own independent income.

Textile making and embroidery in Syria dates back over five thousand years. Since at least the time of the ancient Phoenicians Syrians have been using natural dyes and embroidery to produce some of the world's most delicate and prized fabrics. Syrian craftsmen were famous for their skills across the Greek and the Roman empires. The women at Sabbara are today's heirs to that tradition, adapting styles and techniques passed down through the generations to create the most exquisite pieces using high quality materials.

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