I ama 50 year old woman from Homs and I used to suffer from extreme PTS for the last few years. I Used to have extreme phobias that have been debilitating (phobias of anything higher than the ground level, Phobias of strangers). Since I started working with Sabbara, my phobias decreased in a unprecedented way. The work has provided me with an outlet to fill a void that makes me fall back into a cycle of fear. Working has been better than any medication I have been taking. I produce a lot that Sabbara struggle to keep up with me. Whenever I wake up at night with any kind of fear, I start to embroider until it goes away



I have been living with an abusive husband that once sent me into an intensive care. Since I started working with Sabbara I became an independent strong woman.  Earning my own living made me able to stand up to my husband. I am now the only bread winner in the family. I send my two daughters to school and Iwill insist that they go to university so they would enjoy a life better than the one I had, no early marriage for them.  

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I am 20 years old from Deir al-Zour,  I was forced to flee my home and abandon my dreams of going to university.  When I first moved to Damascus I was depressed and spent most of my time at home watching TV until I came across Sabbara.

I started working hard and I managed to enrol herself at the Open University in Damascus and pay for my education.

I am naturally creative and love to make my own designs. I also teach other women and mentor them.

I have never been so confident in myself and in my ability to play a positive role in society. Sabbara has helped me grow stronger and I am so happy that I can study without having to burden my parents”